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Headed To World Of Concrete Trade Show With An Answer To One Big Question!

®-11.pngWe are are ready to hit the road for our first trade show of the new year.  We will be in Las Vegas January 23-26 for the largest annual international event dedicated to concrete and masonry professionals, World of Concrete.  We are once again thrilled to be a part of more than 1,500 exhibiting companies and 55,000 registered industry professionals attending the show and can’t wait to detail how Dustless Blasting will answer the question, What’s your toughest cleaning challenge? 

Dustless Blasting is the most incredible advancement in blasting technology. We can take most any surface back to its original base faster than ever before, and with no dust! Dustless Blasting is guaranteed faster and cheaper than sandblasting. We can remove grease, tar, gum, paint, adhesives, line stripes, mineral stains and anything else from concrete with ease! MMLJ, Inc. is The original manufacturer of blast equipment, built in the USA at the factory in Houston Texas. 

If you are attending the show and are ready to learn more about our machines, come by and see how we can solve your toughest cleaning challenges. We are in Booth C7333 in Central Hall.

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