What Does Motorhead Garage Think Of Starting A Dustless Blasting Business?

July 21, 2017

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Recently on Motorhead Garage , Brian Lohnes took some time to put Dustless Blasting to the test and discuss just how easy it is to start your own Dustless Blasting Mobile Business.  Brian first runs the machine on 1/2" thick industrial steel then moves straight to an automotive fender proving just how simple and versatile the equipment is. Watch the segment here.



Like Brian says, "It literally couldn't be any easier". Dustless Blasting not only makes the machine simple to operate but we also make it easy for you to get started with your own business. If you have the truck, we have the trailer, marketing packages and brand name recognition to give you a head start reaching those customers that need your service. With the addition of our newly redesigned DB500 Mobile XL, there is certainly a model that is just right for your industry needs.   

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