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Dustless Blasting: Simple, Reliable and Versatile

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Here and there we see comments that doubt the capability of the Dustless Blaster for surface preparation. Does it really work? Of course the answer is yes, it does really work and not only that but it works really well. We are talking about an amazing technology that has grown and developed over the last few years. Our machines are the easiest to operate, most reliable, most versatile abrasive blasting systems.

Easy to Operate

At Dustless Blasting, we design all of our machines to operate as simply as possible. Videos are available on the website for quick access to easy demonstrations so you can see exactly how to assemble your unit. Once you have filled your tank with water, made necessary attachments and adjustments, added the abrasive and pressurized the tank, you are ready to start blasting. It is that easy!

We also are proud to offer customer resources to ensure your success, from our monthly Tech Talks to the comprehensive Dustless Blasting Academy, which is full of tips and tricks.

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Most Reliable

From the start of raw materials all the way through to the finished product, all of our equipment is made in the USA with the highest of quality standards. Our blast pots are covered by a lifetime warranty and since the abrasive inside the pot is lubricated with water, it causes less wear on nozzles, hoses and valves, which means less time and money spent on replacing parts. Check out this feature on Performance TV for a more detailed look at machines being built inside our Houston factory. 



Most Versatile

Dustless Blasting machines are capable of using all types of abrasive material. Wet or dry, sand or soda, garnet or recycled glass, even biodegradable media such as corn cob or walnut shells. All of these abrasives can run through the same machine and by merely adjusting the machines pressure, you can handle various industry applications. There is no other machine in the world with such a wide range of capabilities and it's easy to use!

Learn more about which abrasive you should use for the job.

Dustless Blasting truly is the Future of Surface Preparation. Customers that own the machines will tell you that "it's simple", "not hard to run", "it minimizes time at a reduced cost", "it's quick", and "it's fast". These statements are all accurate and we believe that overall, you can expect that whatever you are Dustless Blasting, the job will be done easily, efficiently and fast! Check us out!

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