Dustless Blasting in a Dress!

Dustless Blasting isn't just for men! Jen from Xtreme Dustless Blasting in Southgate, MI created this video, and we just had to share it!

Jen was hired to clean up graffiti from the masonry on a local school. Prior to her arrival, a sand blaster had tried to remove the graffiti, and mostly just made a mess of things. Xtreme Dustless Blasting to the rescue!

Turns out a Dustless Blasting business is perfect for men, women, retirees, and young folks alike!

Jen's Dustless Blaster allowed her to finish the job the sand blaster couldn't. This is because the water in the Dustless Blasting system reduces friction and heat, which helps remove coatings faster, while protecting the substrate underneath.

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