Video: Dustless Blasting® Tackles a Unique Cleaning Challenge!

March 20, 2017

One of our business owners, Back Blast AZ, did a unique job for the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The Page Springs Fish Hatchery undergoes routine maintenance, usually requiring a 4 man crew two weeks to complete with grinders. Thanks to Tim at Back Blast AZ, the job was done in just a few days. 

Back Blast AZ removing calcium, algae and grime with the DB800 mobileMineral deposits, algae, and grime needed to be removed from the "race tracks" in which the fish swim. For obvious reasons, chemical cleaning agents or solvents would be a bad idea in this situation, not to mention ineffective. Because the Dustless Blasting process is eco-friendly, and uses non-toxic recycled glass media, it was the perfect solution. 

We think this job is a great example of the value a Blasting Mobile Business Owner can provide to their community.  Watch the video below to see footage of this interesting project. 


The crew had tried to use pressure washers to remove the algae and calcium stains, to no avail.

Before and After algae and calcium removal with the Dustless Blaster.When power washing failed, they were forced to use hand grinders. Even with a team of 4, that method took over 15 times longer than Tim's DB800 Mobile.

The Dustless Blasting system is perfect for calcium removal and algae removal!

If you need surface cleaning, paint and rust removal, or building restoration near Prescott Valley, Arizona, contact BackBlast AZ.

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