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Dennis Gage Talks to Benny About the 2017 DB500 Mobile!

Dennis Gage and Benny LeCompte discuss the 2017 DB500 Mobile business machine! This machine has some great features that make starting a Dustless Blasting business easier than ever! Watch the video below!


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When you are looking to buy new equipment for your business, the decision can be difficult. Do you have the cash available to purchase the equipment...

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Dustless Sand Blasters vs Traditional Methods

When it comes to cleaning and surface restoration, there are many tools available to get the job done. So how can you be sure which products are best...

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Dustless vs Dry Ice: Which Cleaning Method is Right for You

Comparing Dry Ice Cleaning to Dustless Blasting

What's the difference between Dustless Blasting and Dry Ice Blasting? Here is the basic rule to keep in mind: 

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