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VIDEO: Zach Talks to Dennis Gage About the Dustless Blasting Business

Zach had the privilege of talking to Dennis Gage recently about the Dustless Blaster, and the Mobile Business Opportunity that it creates! After Dennis stripped his own truck with the DB800 Mobile a couple years ago, he was hooked. Having seen plenty of classic cars, he has a good idea of the work involved in automotive restoration, which is why he was blown away when he finished stripping his truck in about 45 minutes.

Check out the TOP 5 REASONS Dustless Blasting is the best way to Strip a Car!One of the most time-consuming tasks on a restoration project is the paint removal and surface preparation, before the new paint is applied. After trying Dustless Blasting, Dennis knew this was an insanely valuable tool for the automotive industry.

Since then, our network of Mobile Dustless Blasting Business owners have found countless new uses for Dustless Blasting!

People are using these machines in ways we hadn't even thought of at first. From concrete stamping to aircraft stripping to glass etching, and beyond, the Dustless Blaster's huge range of applications never ceases to amaze us!

Dustless Blasting eliminates paint, primer, rust and body filler in one step while suppressing airborne dust and reducing environmental impact!

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