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Say goodbye to dust.
how dustless blasting works

Yes, it really is dustless.

Dustless Blasting works by mixing water and abrasive inside the blast tank. During blasting, the water encapsulates the abrasive and coating being removed, preventing them from becoming airborne. The trapped abrasive then falls to the ground, keeping surrounding areas clean and free from mess.

Think of it this way - have you ever seen wet sand blowing around on the beach? Unlike traditional sandblasting, which blows dry media around everywhere, Dustless Blasting creates NO plume of dust. This allows you to blast wherever you want, and for others to work nearby safely.

Change the way you think about vehicle restoration.

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Dustless Blasting is faster, cleaner and greener than any other paint stripping technology. From classic cars to Ferraris, take a look at some of the auto restoration jobs performed by our clients.
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What is Dustless Blasting?

The Dustless Blasting system leaves a paint-ready surface by removing paint, rust, body filler, chrome, powder coating, and more — all without creating a plume of dust.

Which unit do I need?

This depends on what type of jobs you want to tackle. Will you be adding this service to a brick and mortar shop, or taking your business on the road as a mobile service?

For stationary applications, most auto restorers prefer the DB225 or DB500. The DB500 Mobile XL is popular with mobile business owners.

While not recommended for commercial applications, the small DB150 is perfect for hobby or personal work.

Will it warp metal?

The Dustless Blaster will NOT cause warping, because friction and heat are reduced by the water. Warping occurs when the metal heats up due to friction from dry abrasive. In fact, the temperature of the metal being blasted usually comes down about 10º from ambient.

Think of it this way - if you rub your hands together, they get warm due to friction. But if you rub your hands together underneath running water, they stay cool. The water eliminates the friction. No friction = no heat = no warping!

Will it hurt glass or chrome?

Anything that removes rust will scratch glass and chrome.

How long does it take to strip a car?

On average, it takes 1-3 hours to strip a car.

This can vary based on the type of restoration (frame-on, frame-off, rotisserie, etc.), the number of parts being blasted, the presence of rust or body filler, and any number of other factors that make each job unique.

How much media does it take?

It takes about 4-12 bags of media to strip a car. (The machine uses approximately 200 lbs of media per hour)

What kind of media should I use?

You can use any abrasive as long as it is clean, consistent, and sinks in water. For automotive applications, the most inexpensive and popular choices are recycled bottle glass, or a fine abrasive like sugar sand.

Why doesn't it flash rust?

By using a specially formulated rust inhibitor, you can prevent flash rust for up to 72 hours. Add the inhibitor to the blast water to prevent flash rust during blasting, and then use it as a rinse after blasting is complete.

How do I clean up afterwards?

When blasting over a hard surface like concrete, sweep up the used media and dispose of it. Or, you can lay out 6 mil plastic underneath your project. When you’re done, simply pick it up the sheet and throw it away.

How much can I charge people for this service?

Though it depends on your region, most mobile contractors can expect to make around $300 per hour of blasting

Ballpark Price List
Outside Body $850
Inside Body $300
Outside Panels $75
Inside & Outside Panels $125
Hood Outside $125
Hood Inside $75
Trunk Outside $100
Trunk Inside $75
Door Jambs $250
Disassambled Car $1,350
Wheel $35
What finish do I get?

Dustless Blasting achieves a paint-ready surface that feels similar to 120 grit sandpaper. Read more on our blog

What kind of compressor do I need?

For most automotive applications, we recommend a 185 CFM compressor, as used in our videos. The DB150 can work with as little as 60 CFM, but that is only recommended for small projects.
The compressor requirements, measured in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), can be found on the equipment pages for each particular blaster.

Is financing available?

Yes! Dustless Blasting has partnered with Alliance Leasing & Financial to provide a financing option for your purchase. See more financing options.

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