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As the demand for Dustless Blasting grows, there are endless opportunities for new businesses to start. And at a fraction of the cost of a traditional franchise, owning one is easier than you’d think.

Add a little hard work, and you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve.

So, how much can I make?

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Approximate Yearly Revenue*

* Based on a nationwide average of $300 per hour of blasting.

“My first job is going to pay for my machine. How can you beat that? Everything that I saw in the video, it’s better. I’m more than happy.”


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A Win-Win for Everyone

Are you ready to make money while saving your customers' money too? Dustless Blasting is the best startup business opportunity! 




What is a Dustless Blasting business?

Your job, as a Dustless Blasting business owner, is simple. You remove what is left of the old coatings, leaving a smooth, clean surface that is ready to be made new again.

Our tool is perfect for the automotive industry, but it doesn't end there. All paint eventually fails, metal eventually rusts, and surfaces get dirty. Because of this, the construction, marine, offshore, and residential industries also provide huge revenue streams for Dustless Blasting owners.

Demand for this service is growing, which creates endless opportunities for new businesses to start and existing businesses to expand!

What are my startup costs?

Unlike a traditional franchise, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can own a Dustless Blasting business for about the cost of a nice pickup truck. Hundreds of contractors have used this remarkably affordable machine to supplement their income or quit their day jobs.

For our mobile machines, the cost includes the trailer, blast pot, compressor, air dryer and cooler, water tanks, etc. The unit is self-contained and doesn’t need anything else for you to begin working. Best of all, everything is manufactured in-house in our Houston facility.

How much money can I make?

Our contractors report that they make, on average, $300 per hour of blasting time. Depending on the job, you might charge per hour or per square foot of surface blasted.

What training do I need?

Learning to use your Dustless Blasting machine takes less than 5 minutes. This is why we are always happy to have people stop by and demo our machines themselves.

Our website also contains guides and videos on operating and maintaining the machine. You are always welcome to contact us for technical support at 713-869-2227.

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