Training Videos


NEW DB500 Mobile

Our new DB500 Mobile is an excellent choice

for anyone who wants to be able to go anywhere

and do almost any job. This video explores

a few of the features and shows you exactly how

to use the machine.


Dustless Blasting Suggested Abrasives

The Dustless Blaster gives you flexibility when

choosing media. You can use recycled bottle

glass, sand, garnet, coal slag, glass bead or just

about any other abrasive that sinks in water.

However the quality of the media is very important

to insure optimal performance. This video will

show you how to choose a good abrasive.


Training: Blasting Various Substrates

A quick primer on the standoff distance and

pressure you'll want to use on the most commonly

blasted materials.


Our New DB1500 Training

Our new DB1500 gives you about 3 hours of

continuous blast time, can be bulk loaded via

super sack, and is a boss. It's perfect for industrial

applications and shipyards. This video shows

you how to use it and the kind of productivity

you can expect to get out of it.


DB225 Training

The Dustless Blaster is helping surface preparation

professionals make money faster than ever before.

Our smallest machine, the DB150, has been very

popular with auto restorers and body shops. Our

next machine up WAS the DB500, but it's a pretty

big price jump from the DB150. We've decided to

add the DB225 to accommodate people who need

a little more blast time but who's budget don't allow

for the DB500. This video will show you how easy

it is to use and what you can expect.


New 2013 DB500 Mobile Training

We've changed our 185 CFM DB500 Mobile and

added some handy new features. We've switched

to a sleeker, lighter Doosan compressor powered

by a 49 HP Kubota Diesel engine. We've added a

water tank and a super fast water pump, so now

you can add the HoldTight 102 into the water tank

rather than having to measure it out and add it each

time your refill the machine. This video will show

you how to operate this new and improved machine.


How to Setup and Operate

the DB500 Mobile

The DB500 Mobile is the ultimate business

machine, but first you need to know how to

use it. This video will show you how to setup

and operate your new DB500 Mobile unit,

and give you a few helpful tips.


How to Use the DB150

This video will explain how to properly

setup and run your DB150, and give you

some other important information.


How to Operate the DB800

This little training video will show you

how to setup and operate the

DB800 Dustless Blaster.


Auto Stripping Tips

with the Dustless Blaster

In this video we strip a 1932 Ford body, and show

you the easiest way to clean up afterwards. We'll

also talk about blasting angle and distance, and

show you how to rinse off all the chlorides with

the HoldTight 102 to prevent rust, and how we like

to do the drying.

   A restorer paid us $900 to do this job. He said

normally he would do it himself, but since it had

an abnormal amount of AllMetal body filler on it

(very tough stuff) he decided to pay someone

else to get it done. It was a tough job, but still was

done in under 2 hours of blasting. Soda blasting

would probably have never removed that AllMetal.

We used the DB150 and medium grit recycled

bottle glass.


DB800 Mobile Blast Rig Training

This video will show you how to use the

DB800 Mobile! It's got a 200 Gallon water tank,

a 30 gallon per second water pump, and an

8 cubic foot blast tank, plus extra space on the

trailer for media or whatever else! This is a boss

business machine! With our franchise opportunity

you get the support of a franchise like marketing

help, training and our proven system and tools,

without the downsides like franchise fees / royalties

and rules and regulations!


We have financing available!



HoldTight is a great rust inhibitor, but you need

to know how to use it and factors that can influence

it's effectiveness. This video will show you how to

properly use the HoldTight to prevent flash rust.

This information also applies to HoldBlast.