Dustless Blasting


Dustless Blasting increases productivity, decreases media consumption, and solves air quality issues.
By adding water we’re adding mass and energy, removing coatings faster and with less abrasive! The water traps the blast media and pulverized coating, and grounding it, preventing it from going into the air. This solves air quality issues, and allows other workers to work on the same vessel at the same time!
Dustless Blasting is exactly what it sounds like; once the media hits the surface being blasted it loses all energy, and falls to the ground. Media only goes where you put it! This makes proper, environmentally compliant disposal easier than ever.

Dustless Blasting Steel Ships

• Reduce Containment

• Environmentally Friendly

• All Weather

• Creates New Anchor Profile

• Blast with Welders, Electricians, and Painters Present!

Blast with others workers nearby!

We've never found a coating the Dustless Blasting couldn't handle. From simple paints to fusion bonded epoxies to thermoplastic to 60 mil thick nonskid! No matter the substrate or the coating, you can get it done faster with the Dustless Blaster!

Dustless Blasting
Dustless Blasting